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Adding Value by Helping Client's Hospitals, Other Institutions and Families Worldwide

PT RIM Indonesia (PT RIM) is an INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT firm based in Indonesia, specialized in search and recruitment, educations and training, selection, license providing, placement, relocation, and human resource management and consultation.

PT RIM is well known in healthcare related sector for its' long standing interest and commitment in and to professional development. RIM brings to partnership with clients its' expertise in education, research, and health policy and shows its' expertise in organization, human resource development and coaching.

As career development consultant RIM speaks, writes, does research, provides workshops and individual coaching, and consults on career development strategies.

Head Office
PT RIM Indonesia
Jl. Cempaka 1 no. 3
Jakarta 12330

Phone 1:+62 21 7388 2275
Phone 2: +62 21 7063 0559
Fax: +62 21 745 7457

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